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Union Pacific Railroad Reminds Drivers to Use Caution at Railroad Crossings on Memorial Day Weekend

Union Pacific Railroad reminds drivers to use caution at railroad crossings while traveling in their vehicles this Memorial Day weekend.

"Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest vehicle travel days during the year, and we want drivers to use caution when they cross railroad tracks and safely arrive at their destinations," said Robert Morrison, Union Pacific Chief of Police.

"It can take a mile or more for a train to stop, and, by the time a locomotive engineer sees a vehicle on a crossing, it is too late to stop," said Dale Bray, Union Pacific director – Public Safety.

Union Pacific's UP CARES (Union Pacific Crossing Accident Reduction Education and Safety) initiative promotes railroad grade crossing, pedestrian and driver safety through a variety of outreach channels:

  • Grade crossing education and enforcement, during which motorists violating rail crossing signage and laws are educated about the dangers of such actions. Related "positive enforcement" initiatives reward drivers who operate safely at grade crossings.
  • Safety trains, hosting local law enforcement, media and public officials and providing them the opportunity to ride in the locomotive cab and see traffic violations from a locomotive engineer's point of view. This also allows Union Pacific to connect with community leaders and help them better understand the railroad's safety focus.
  • Communication blitzes, which educate the public via community events, media outreach and paid advertising. Media outreach coincides with safety trains in UP communities.

For more information visit UnionPacificCares.com.

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