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Safety devices to be removed from trains

Safety devices to be removed from trains

From: AAP
May 13, 20133:16PM  from: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/breaking-news/safety-devices-to-be-removed-from-trains/story-fn3dxiwe-1226641313650

DEVICES used to alert train drivers and track workers of approaching trains will be removed from the Sydney network.

RailCorp announced on Monday it would remove the detonators - also known as audible track warning devices - from all electric trains next month.

When a train travels over the detonator it makes a loud noise and warns the driver of a hazard ahead.

But vandals have been targeting the devices, stealing them and then setting them off for fun, jeopardising the safety of rail staff and commuters.

An internal review was initiated after a number of detonators were stolen from several driver's compartments, where detonators are kept under lock and key.

Director of operations Tony Eid said after reviewing the use of detonators as a safety device, CityRail found they had been superseded by other signalling and communications systems.
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"By taking detonators off all electric trains, this will stop the thefts and remove the temptation for people who acquire them illegally," Mr Eid said.

He said the review included an international survey of other rail operators that demonstrated the majority of them don't use detonators on trains.

RailCorp will continue to use existing risk controls such as signalling, flags and network signals on the electric train fleet.

RailCorp said the safety of staff and customers would not be put at risk.

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