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Nurse rescues man who falls onto tracks

CCTV Catches Nurse Pulling Man From Rail Track

A woman jumps from a train station platform to help an elderly man to safety just minutes before a train was due to pull in.

9:52pm UK, Thursday 09 May 2013
Video: Nurse saves man from train tracks in Australia  -  at original story site  SKY  NEWS    http://news.sky.com/story/1088914/cctv-catches-nurse-pulling-man-from-rail-track

An elderly man has been rescued by a quick-thinking trainee nurse after falling onto the tracks at a railway station in Australia.

 CCTV footage filmed the man stumbling off the platform at Wooloowin station in Brisbane, minutes before a train was due to arrive.

 He appeared unable to get to his feet until the nurse rushed onto the tracks to help.

 With the help of other commuters, she was able to pull the man to safety before climbing back onto the platform herself.

 Jill Lyten, who works for Queensland Rail, called for help after witnessing the accident.

 She said: "We were all just yelling, 'Get off the tracks, get off the tracks'.

 "I knew how dangerous it was. You've got a lot of voltage going through the wires above."

 Ms Lyten said the nurse would have been "very shaken" after the rescue.

 "You can't not be if you've jumped down onto the track to save someone," she added.

 Jim Benstead, acting chief executive officer of Queensland Rail, said that if a train had been coming at the exact moment the man fell, "it could have been disastrous".

 "It could have gone very differently today," he told local newspaper the Brisbane Times.

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