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Jerusalem tramway: French justice rules out the legal action against Alstom

The French association “France-Palestine” started in February 2007 a legal action in France against the Jerusalem tramway project and decided to sue Alstom on the motive of a violation of the international law for having provided the rolling stock of this tramway system. “France-Palestine” lost its case in first instance in front of a French court and finally lost again its last legal recourse on 22 March 2013 in front of the Versailles court of appeal.

In its ruling, the court states that “France Palestine” was not allowed to bring an action for challenging the breach of the international rule in the case. In addition the Court determined that Alstom, Alstom Transport SA and Veolia Transport was not responsible for breach of international rules, including human international rules or UN Global Compact, whilst performing their contract for the construction of the tramway of Jerusalem.

Alstom reminds that it has signed, within a consortium, the Jerusalem contract in November 2002, following a call for tenders launched in June 2000. It is only in February 2007, about 5 years after the signature of the contract that "France-Palestine" decided to initiate its legal challenge which has been eventually rejected. Alstom always refused and still refuses that the company could be used to feed disputes in which the company is not concerned.  Alstom is an ethical company, complying with all its obligations, including the respect for the international law.

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