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Mother jump in front of London train holding her 3 year old son, killing them both


 from : http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/386713/Grieving-father-of-rail-leap-child-sobs-He-was-my-world

Grieving father of rail-leap child sobs: 'He was my world'

THE devastated father of a three-year-old killed when his suicidal wife leapt in front of a train broke down saying: “He was my world.”

By: Rick Senley
Published: Mon, March 25, 2013
Mohamed Nasr married Donna Oettinger after meeting her on holiday
Distraught Mohamed Nasr, who married Donna Oettinger after meeting her on holiday, sobbed as he spoke of little Zaki’s death adding: “Why did she even think about something like this? He was only a baby.”

The Egyptian, 27, added: “I need my son. I am never going to sleep. I am never going to eat. He was part of me. I don’t have anything left now. Just a memory and a picture. Everything is black.”

Ms Oettinger, 41, who was battling depression and financial troubles, died when hit by a train at a south London station on Friday. She was holding Zaki’s hand as she jumped off the platform.

Zaki Oettinger was just three years old

Why did she even think about something like this? He was only a baby

Mohamed Nasr
The couple’s angelic youngster had just been signed up by a child model agency and the family were about to start a new life in Cairo.

Mr Nasr, a timeshare salesman, wept as he said: “How can I be strong now I have lost my son and my wife? There is nothing to be strong for. When you feel your family is gone, it is the end.”

The couple met eight years ago when he was working in the resort of Sharm el Sheikh. They kept their long-distance marriage fresh with Donna going regularly to Egypt.

And Mr Nasr was confident a permanent move to join him would help her fragile state of mind.

But he added: “Even if Donna was sick, it wasn’t my son’s fault. It’s not fair. He was a happy boy. She loved me and she loved Zaki so much. She was a very good mother.

“Donna was so soft, so nice, so lovely. But she worried about everything at one time. She said she wanted to pay someone to take her life.” Ms Oettinger was thought to be depressed because Mr Nasr was not allowed to live in the UK due to visa issues.

A friend insisted that the tragedy could have been avoided as Ms Oettinger had asked for medical help “50 times” since November.

The friend added: “She tried to commit suicide in December and she was in intensive care for two days. Everyone was told she might die. Her mum begged two psychiatrists to put her away.” Mr Nasr said Ms Oettinger’s depression worsened after she suffered a miscarriage in 2009 and lost two friends to cancer.

In a series of harrowing Facebook messages, she told how she was “so scared I don’t know who I am any more”. She also wrote: “Thank God I have my son Zaki. I owe him a lot when I get better. Love you son with all my heart xxx.”

Morning rush-hour commuters wept after seeing Ms Oettinger and Zaki die at Riddlesdown station near Croydon, south London.

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