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ORR Statement on joint consultation conclusions published

The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) and Department for Transport (DfT) today published a statement on conclusions of a joint consultation carried out between December 2011 and March 2012 on A greater role for ORR regulating passenger franchisees in England and Wales.

To unify the current regulatory framework, ORR, rather than the Secretary of State, will in future be responsible for approving train operators’ passenger complaints handling procedures (CHPs) and disabled people’s protection policies (DPPPs).

ORR and DfT recognise that more can be done to improve the way performance of the rail industry as a whole is monitored and to promote stronger incentives for train operating companies to reduce costs and collaborate effectively with Network Rail. To facilitate this, ORR will do more to highlight whole industry performance and cost issues, and ensure they are addressed. These changes will help Government, the Regulator and the industry to improve performance, tackle waste and inefficiency and improve services for passengers.

For more information about the consultation conclusions statement, and to view the statement in full: http://www.rail-reg.gov.uk/upload/pdf/dft-orr-statement-180313.pdf

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