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Carriage anger on the railway

Tuesday 22 January 2013

 Carriage anger on the railway

Published on Monday 21 January 2013 16:58 from: http://www.leightonbuzzardonline.co.uk/news/local-news/carriage-anger-on-the-railway-1-4706108

Passengers were forced to cram into half the normal amount of carriages again after their delayed rush-hour train pulled into Leighton Buzzard Railway Station.

It was just last week that the LBO reported how Andrew Selous MP had been in contact with London Midland over his outrage at services cramming rush-hour commuters into four carriages on November 13 due to a fault on carriage units just as they were about to leave the maintenance depot to enter service.

In a letter to London Midland, Mr Selous expressed his disappointment at the service, but has now been told that 2014 will see additional peak services from London Euston.

Now, after the four-carriage issue re-occurred on the 08.35 service on Wednesday, Mr Selous said: “I am going to record all these incidents of only four carriage trains only showing up when there should be eight as systematically as I can in order to take matters up with London Midland.

“I have written again to London Midland and I will ask them specifically what they are doing to improve their reliability given this is the second incident of this nature in a couple of months.”

According to the train company, the service was delayed due to a temporary speed restriction being enforced due to a points failure at Hanslope.

A London Midland spokesman said: “Unfortunately, due to the cold weather there was an issue coupling, or connecting, carriages at Northampton. To avoid further delays for passengers the service was operated with four carriages. We apologise for any inconvenience this caused.”

London Midland failed to respond when questioned as to why there were no replacement trains available.

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