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Train fan builds full-size replica of 1980s carriage in his basement complete with original chairs,

from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2260637/Train-fan-Jason-Shron-builds-size-replica-1980s-carriage-basement-complete-original-chairs-coat-hooks-carpet.html

Train fan builds full-size replica of 1980s carriage in his basement complete with original chairs, coat hooks and even the carpet

 Father-of-three Jason Shron spent around £6,300 recreating cross-country train

Mr Shron estimates it has cost him around £6,300 to build the replica train carriage

 Took four and a half years to build the carriage from scratch
 'It's where I'm most at peace,' says self-confessed train geek
By Steve Robson
PUBLISHED:16:59, 11 January 2013| UPDATED:17:33, 11 January 2013
Most fathers relegate the basement as home for the washing machine or maybe some garden tools.
But self-confessed train geek Jason Shron decided to be a little more ambitious and turned his into an exact replica of a 1980s VIA rail carriage.
It has taken the Canadian four-and-a-half years, cost around £6,300 and at least 2,500 hours of painstaking work to make his childhood dream come true.

The 20-foot replica train carriage took four and a half years to build in Jason Shron's basement
 Many of the original features in the carriage such as the chairs, garbage dispenser and seat numbers were taken from a VIA train that was due to be scrapped
The carriage has been built to look exactly as it would have in 1980
 Mr Shron estimates it has cost him around £6,300 to build the replica train carriage
And the labour of love is authentic down to the finest details including genuine seat numbers, chairs, timetable racks, coat hooks and the 1970s carpet.
Mr Shron, who spent several years studying for a PhD in Birmingham, recovered many of the original parts from a VIA train which was due to be scrapped.

But he also went to extraordinary lengths to make his train car feel realistic such as installing a photo mural at the end of the carriage so it appears as if it carries on into another car as well as playing a soundtrack of a train clicking along the tracks.
 Mr Shron has even salvaged a welcome to sign to greet visitors before they enter the train carriage
 The chairs have all the original features including magazine racks and timetables from the 1980s

Mr Shron says it was his dream to build a replica train in his basement since he was a child
Mr Shron estimates the project cost him around 10,000 Canadian dollars - around £6,300 - and he had to scrap everything and start again at least three times.

'I've always wanted to have a VIA train in my basement since I was a kid,' said Mr Shron, from Vaughan, Ontario.
'In fact, when me and my wife were looking to buy a house I would say 'no' if the basement wasn't big enough for me to build it.

'I still have the letter from when I wrote to VIA in 1987 to ask them if they would sell me their seats in 1987. They said they couldn't. But then my friends and I find out about VIA train 5647 - it was going to be scrapped.
'So we got a hold of it before it was gone and took all these original parts.'

 Mr Shron began building the train in 2008 doing much of the work himself
The project took four and a half years and Mr Shron said he had to start from scratch at least three times

The train carriage has provided great entertainment for Mr Shron's three young children who he says love playing in it

The obsession with trains stems from Mr Shron's childhood and he now runs the largest model train business in Canada
Mr Shron, who runs his own model train company Rapido Trains Inc. for a living, said the construction of the rail carriage has been a struggle, but worth it in the end.
'The train is where I feel most at home,' he said.
'It's where I feel most at peace. Especially when it's hurtling along at 85mph with the snow and rain pelting down outside - it's the perfect place to be.
'And my kids love it. My five-year old daughter Dalya will go up and down aisle serving people and my seven-year old son Boaz likes clipping tickets.

'I've also fun on the weekends to hang out there and play cards.'


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2260637/Train-fan-Jason-Shron-builds-size-replica-1980s-carriage-basement-complete-original-chairs-coat-hooks-carpet.html#ixzz2HmiqB400

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