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Mini-cab driver banned from driving fo running through level crossing barrier


Ban after level crossing offence

from: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Royston/Ban-after-level-crossing-offence-22112012.htm
A mini-cab driver who motored over a railway level crossing as the barriers came down has been banned from driving.
Having dropped off a passenger, the Camcab driver swerved into the opposite lane to avoid the lowering safety barriers, then swerved back as he crossed the tracks.
Slawomir Oszwa, 49, of Cambridge Road, Milton, had continued over the Foxton level crossing on July 20 even though red lights were flashing, magistrates in Cambridge heard.
Paul Brown, prosecuting, said: “It (Oszwa’s car) has not stopped at the line as he needed to. It has gone over the red lights, carried on over the crossing and under the lowering entry barriers.”
Oszwa, who represented himself, said through an interpreter he wanted to apologise and said he had had a “heavy day”.
He said: “When I crossed this railway level crossing I knew I had committed a minor offence and I realised I would be punished.
“On that day I finished my work and because of that incident I went home. I do my best to be a responsible person, I have got three sons, two of them are students and my main responsibility is to provide for them to obtain a proper level of education. That’s why I came to this country.”
Oszwa pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention.
Magistrate Dr Christine Shaw disqualified him from driving for 28 days, fined him £400, ordered him to pay £70 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.
A spokesman for Camcab confirmed Oszwa was one of their drivers. He said Camcab was not aware of the incident until the company was contacted by the Weekly News and they would be taking action.
Their legal team was visiting them, he said, and they would also talk to the council.
He said: “We do take the matter very seriously.
“The drivers are self-employed even though they represent the company.”

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