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London Underground makes offer to end ASLEF Boxing Day dispute

London Underground (LU) and the ASLEF leadership have been in talks to resolve the dispute about train drivers working on Boxing Day.

Last year LU reduced the number of drivers needed to work and this year LU has put forward a further proposal designed to offer drivers a set of fair options and to put an end to the dispute.

The proposal would offer drivers greater flexibility with their leave over the Christmas period by proposing to schedule drivers to be on annual leave on Boxing Day, as is the case on Christmas Day, and asking drivers to volunteer to work that day.

Drivers would then have the following options:

  • Volunteer to work on Boxing Day and exchange one day's annual leave for pay
  • Remain on annual leave for Boxing Day, provided there are sufficient volunteers
  • Choose instead to work on Boxing Day as normal but to take the annual leave on another day which is the current arrangement

Howard Collins, LU's Chief Operating Officer, said: 'We have been in discussions with the ASLEF leadership to find a way to end this dispute and have made them what we believe is a very fair offer.

'LU has a long-standing agreement with all trade unions which cover working arrangements on bank holidays, including Boxing Day.

'However, we have shown good faith and tried to find ways forward.

'Last year we reviewed the level of service of required for Boxing Day to closely match customer demand.

'This year we have offered to roster staff on leave and operate the service with staff who volunteer to work on Boxing Day thereby offering staff greater flexibility when it comes to their leave over the Christmas period.

'Further industrial action will not achieve anything and I would urge the ASLEF leadership to take this offer to their members and work towards resolving this dispute.'

Since 2010, when the ASLEF leadership first made their extra claims, LU has held discussions on the issue and last year reviewed the level of service required for Boxing Day to closely match passenger demand.

As a result in 2011 LU reduced the number of train staff required to work on Boxing Day to pre-2010 levels.

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