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Essex bus driver fined over railway crossing incident


Marcus Lamm drove the bus on to the crossing at Manningtree in July

A bus driver who became trapped on an Essex railway line as he drove through closing barriers has admitted driving without due care and attention.

Michael Lamm, 21, of Willow Way, Jaywick, drove his double-decker on to the crossing at Manningtree in July.

Lamm admitted the charge at Colchester Magistrates' Court and was fined £300, ordered to pay £100 court costs and received nine points on his licence.

First, which had employed Lamm, said he was sacked following the incident.

Lamm was on his way back to a depot when he attempted to drive over the crossing with the railway's warning lights flashing.

While managing to drive under the first barrier, he was forced to stop on the tracks after the second barrier came down before he could cross.

About 30 seconds later the barriers were raised again to let Lamm out after a signaller spotted the bus, which was not carrying any passengers.

'Pay attention'

A spokeswoman for First said Lamm was dismissed after the incident.

She added he breached the company's health and safety procedures and it was something "that should never have happened".

Network Rail said: "While we have closed 600 level crossings in the last three years, and continue to close more, there are many that we cannot.

"It is vital at those level crossings that remain that people pay attention to the warning lights and signs.

"We understand that it can be frustrating to wait while trains pass, but the warnings are there to keep people safe and the trains and traffic moving."

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