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State & Federal agencies come together wih BNSF on safety awareness

From: http://www.willistonherald.com/news/state-railroad-stress-safety/article_bc311e96-1ded-11e2-9d10-0019bb2963f4.html

State, railroad stress safety 
Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 10:16 am

State, railroad stress safety By Jenna Ebersole Williston Herald | 0 comments

Several state and federal agencies have come together with BNSF railroad to collaborate on safety and awareness after a 50 percent jump in collisions between trains and vehicles since 2007, according to a press release.

This year could also see a doubling of vehicle-train collisions compared to 2011, with 19 through July compared to 20 all of last year, the release said. North Dakota Operation Lifesaver, Federal Railroad Administration, North Dakota Safety Council and North Dakota Highway Patrol have all combined to help fight the problem.

To help improve safety, Highway Patrol troopers have identified higher truck volume crossings to monitor them more carefully, and commercial vehicles carrying hazardous materials must stop before crossing, the release said.

A “wrecked car trailer” from Operation Lifesaver is also moving across the state with a vehicle damaged in a collision with a train to show the importance of observing signs and using caution.

Contact Serena Schmit at 701-873-2224 or serenas@ndsc.org for more rail safety information.


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