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Man robbed and left for dead on tracks


Shock pics: Thief robs drunk man on train track and leaves him for dead
By AOL Travel, Sep 12, 2012
from: .http://travel.aol.co.uk/2012/09/12/thief-robs-drunk-man-on-train-track-stockholm-leaves-him-to-die/   This link has the pictures,

South Stockholm Police

Police are hunting a thief who robbed a drunken reveller after he fell onto a railway track in Stockholm - and then left him there to die.

CCTV picked up images of the man following the drunk passenger and attempting to rifle through his pockets as he sat at the platform.

The victim, known as Johnny, 38, gets up and walks down the platform before falling onto the tracks and knocking himself unconscious.

The thief jumped down onto the track, robbed the victim, and then walked off, effectively leaving the man there to die. He even passed a guard on the way out of the station without telling him a man had passed out on the tracks.


South Stockholm Police

According to the Daily Mail, Inspector Dan Osenan, of the south Stockholm police, said: "He had at least six minutes to sound the alarm. If he had told the guard then he would have had time to stop the train.

"It makes you want to be sick. It doesn't matter that this was a 38-year-old man. This could have been a child and someone like this doesn't give a damn."

Ten minutes after the thief left Johnny on the track, the front five metres of an oncoming train ran him over.

Miraculously, Johnny survived, but he has lost half of his left foot, and will need a prosthetic knee,

Inspector Osenan added:" The man didn't knock him onto the tracks so we can only prosecute him for the theft.

"Unfortunately, leaving someone to die is not a crime in Sweden.

"But I hope the court will take this very very seriously."

 Shock pics: Thief robs drunk man on train track and leaves him to die

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