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Scotrail launch Neat Seats campaign against feet on train seats

Scotrail launch Neat Seats campaign against feet on train seats 
Scotrail have faced heavy fines for damage to their seats. Picture: Neil Hanna
Published on Tuesday 11 September 2012 13:21

from: http://www.scotsman.com/news/transport/scotrail-launch-neat-seats-campaign-against-feet-on-train-seats-1-2518774

SCOTRAIL has launched a campaign to combat the growing problem of passengers putting their feet or chewing gum on train seats, which cost the firm nearly £100,000 last year in performance fines.

Scotland’s main train operator said it had to repair more than 350 seats last month alone, around one in three of them damaged by gum.

The Neat Seats campaign is backed by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

It follows ScotRail being fined £173,450 in the year to June for poor seats under Scottish Government agency Transport Scotland’s service quality improvement regime.

The company said more half of the fine was caused by passenger damage.

ScotRail managing director Steve Montgomery said: “ScotRail’s overall performance under the regime has improved in recent years, but unfortunately the amount of damage caused to train seats is growing.

“Everyone deserves a clean seat"

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