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National Rail supports Britain’s gold rush: Sunday 9 September

On the final day of the Paralympics and the second day of the Mayor’s Thames Festival, the railway is running 762,697 additional seats – an increase of 39% - by running extra and longer trains.

•Since the Paralympics began, train companies have run over five million extra seats, an increase of 12.1% on normal services.
• Train companies have provided nearly 48 million seats in total throughout the Paralympics.
• Hundreds of extra staff from train companies and Network Rail have been working at the busiest stations across the capital and throughout the South East of England
• Over half a million spectators who went to the Olympics and Paralympics took advantage of our special Games Train tickets

Michael Roberts, Chief Executive, ATOC said: “After an exceptionally successful Olympics, the railway has played a big part in helping to deliver an equally outstanding Paralympics. We have increased services to carry thousands of spectators to events every day to cheer along Paralympians while ensuring London has stayed open for business throughout.

“We thank passengers who planned journeys and booked ahead, helping the railway run smoothly and efficiently. Once again, a huge thank you goes to the fantastic staff on Britain’s railway who have worked incredibly hard to deliver both an extremely successful Olympics and Paralympics.”

The Transport Co-Ordination Centre, set up specifically for the 2012 Games, has kept transport operators informed of each other’s plans and how people are using the public transport system to help operators provide passengers with the most up-to-date travel information.

Train companies operate a Passenger Assist service for disabled passengers who may need help, such as help getting on or off a train. It is important to book in advance to make sure they can travel on their chosen train. For more information on passenger assistance, go to the new Rail Travel Made Easy website.

To get the latest real-time rail travel information, passengers should use the National Rail Enquiries (NRE) service, paid for and run by train companies, which they can access on the move.

Passengers can:
• Download the free NRE apps for iPhone and Android smartphones, giving instant access to real time running information, journey planning and information on any disruption.
• Visit the nationalrail.co.uk website to access live train departures boards and journey planners and to search for local operators’ trains.
• Follow NRE on Twitter or their train company here.
• ‘Like’ NRE’s dedicated Facebook page
• Call NRE’s automated TrainTracker service on 0871 200 49 50

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