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Passengers Pay For Winning Bid With Higher Rail Fares

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA rail union, warned that rail
passengers would have to pay the price of First Group's winning
£5.5 billion bid for the West Coast line franchise.

"This crazy franchise lottery, where the highest bidder scoops
the pot, means that passengers will have to pay inflation
busting fares increases on the busiest line in the UK for the
next 14 years.

"That is the only way that First Group will be able to pay
their annual £400 million premium to George Osborne as well as
rewarding their shareholders with profits.

"We already pay the highest rail fares in Europe and this cock-
eyed lottery means they will only go even higher in
the future.

"We should take a leaf out of Europe's book and run a not for
profit publicly owned railway which benefits the passenger and
not private shareholders."

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