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100-year-old railway carriage salavaged


100-year-old railway carriage salavaged
Published on Tuesday 31 July 2012 12:16  from: http://www.crawleyobserver.co.uk/news/local/100-year-old-railway-carriage-salavaged-1-4093556

A RAILWAY carriage that has been used as a garden shed since the end of World War Two is being salvaged by the Bluebell Railway.

The bubble carriage was built in 1906 and was teken out of use in 1940.

British Railways worker John Peskett put the carriage in his garden on Malthouse Road, Southgate, after the war and it has been there ever since.

Former parish councillor Mr Peskett died in 1976 and his daughter Heather Peskett lived there without central heating until she died earlier this year aged 85.

Granddaughter Deborah Powers, who is currently renovating the house, said: “It was brought in on a flat-bed truck.

“My aunt Heather used to keep all sorts in it.”

Ian White, railway enthusiast and volunteer at Bluebell Railway, in Uckfield, said the parts would be put in storage for possible exhibition at a later date.

He said it could not be used as a working train again because only parts of the carriage remained.


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