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World renowned photographers team up with Crossrail to support United Nations World Food Programme

Backflip in Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Hunger to Hope campaign showcases images of young people at play

  • Crossrail hoardings will remind Londoners and visitors of urgent need worldwide

To celebrate the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics and mark its 50th birthday, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has teamed up with Crossrail to launch an inspirational photography exhibition.

The Hunger to Hope exhibition is displayed on Crossrail hoardings at two major sites - in Paddington and Holborn. Images of children at play have been donated by some of the world’s leading photographers. The aim is to remind Londoners and visitors to the city that adequate food and nourishment are needed by children around the world to give them the energy and hope to play - and perhaps go on to become tomorrow’s Olympians.

The images have been donated by award-winning photographers including Ian Berry (Observer, National Geographic), Jenny Matthews (Marie Claire, Sunday Times) and Peter Nicholls (Times). They include:

River swimming in Niger (Jenny Matthews) Niger and neighbouring countries are regularly hit by drought; WFP is assisting 3.5 million children & mothers regionally.

Backflip in Democratic Republic of Congo (Peter Nicholls)

Child soldiers, resulting from years of armed conflict, are given WFP rations upon their escape/release.

Playing in Ghana (Ian Berry)

To encourage more girls into school, WFP provides them with both meals and take-home rations.

Jenny Matthews said: “When I travel on behalf of charities, it’s my duty to record the often wretched conditions in which so many people live – but it’s wonderful to spot kids playing and running – it’s the sheer exuberance of a child determined to overcome his or her immediate circumstances. This is what made me keen to contribute my photos to this exhibition – because children provide us all with hope for the future.”

Caroline Hurford, Senior Public Information Officer at the UN World Food Programme, said: “These pictures prove that when they get sufficient nutritious food, children have the energy to play, even in the toughest conditions. Good nutrition builds minds and bodies. WFP is determined to end child hunger - but we need public support.”

Terry Morgan, Crossrail Chairman said: "We are proud to be in partnership with the World Food Programme to showcase these stunning images and improve Crossrail’s constructions sites during the Games. Our worksites will be seen by tens of thousands of people during the Games and provide the opportunity to highlight the World Food Programme’s efforts in helping create a worldwide legacy of which we can all be proud.”

To contribute to the World Food Programme’s Hunger to Hope campaign, visit www.wfp.org/donate or text WFP to 70303 to donate £3.


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