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Train driver told not to stop at Olympic Stadium due to cables not coping with the heat


Train drivers ordered not to stop at Olympic Park as decrepit overhead cables installed in the 1950s can't cope with the heat
Soaring heat meant some main line trains were not stopping at the Olympics serving station of Stratford

Greater Anglia warned of delays on services from London Liverpool Street to Essex, Ipswich and Norwich

Problems are down to older sections of overhead lines expanding and sagging in high temperatures

By Emma Reynolds
PUBLISHED: 12:13, 24 July 2012 | UPDATED: 08:08, 25 July 2012

Train drivers have been ordered not to stop at the station nearest to the Olympic Park – because it is too hot.
The Greater Anglia rail company says soaring temperatures mean it is not safe for trains to travel as quickly as usual.
So, to minimise delays, it has ordered drivers to go straight through Stratford – the main gateway to the Olympics.
Can't handle the heat: Train services were slowed down or cancelled because of the soaring temperatures

Too warm a welcome: The sun meant that trains did not stop at Stratford today
The company said yesterday that its overhead cables, which date back to the 1950s and are in desperate need of upgrading, cannot cope with trains travelling at normal speeds if the temperature is more than 30C (86F).
Network Rail said last night that the ageing cables were in the process of being updated. A spokesman apologised for any disruption and stressed that the vast majority of services would still run to Stratford.
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Greater Anglia confirmed that at least nine services on the Norwich to Liverpool Street service would not stop at Stratford, while there would also be revisions and cancellations affecting trains headed for Colchester.

A spokesman said: ‘There are some revisions in place to our mainline timetable. We are working with Network Rail to minimise the disruption for our customers.’
Temperatures are predicted to drop before the opening ceremony on Friday. But fears are growing that London’s antiquated transport system will cause chaos for millions travelling to the Games.

The network was widely declared to have failed its first ‘test run’ for the Olympics on Monday night.
As 40,000 spectators flocked to the Olympic Park for the opening ceremony rehearsal, two key routes to the stadium were suspended.
The Central Line was closed for two hours by a power cut, while the North London line closed for an hour after a track buckled in the heat. Many performers were late as a result.
Excuse: Greater Anglia trains said the problems were down to older sections of overhead lines expanding and sagging in high temperatures
Graduate Sam Batt, 22, of Ealing, West London, said he left home at 4.30pm but did not arrive at the stadium until about 8.10pm – missing the first 40 minutes.
After the ceremony, spectators were forced to queue for nearly an hour and a half just to get into Stratford tube station because it was so overcrowded. Many did not get home until the early hours.
There were similar problems on the Underground last week, when a fault on another key Olympic route – the Jubilee Line – meant trains were suspended and some passengers stuck inside boiling hot carriages for up to 25 minutes.
And those who have chosen to travel by road have fared even worse, with athletes reporting that it has taken up to five hours to get from Heathrow to the Olympic Village by bus.
Signs intended to welcome Arabic visitors to the Olympics are ‘completely incoherent’.
The huge banners are hung in the shopping centre which borders the Olympic Park, Westfield Stratford. But the Council for Arab-British Understanding said the words were back to front and not joined up properly.
It was the equivalent of an English language sign intending to say ‘welcome to London’, instead saying ‘N O D N O L O T E M O C L E W’. Westfield Stratford apologised and said it would replace the posters.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2178173/Train-drivers-ordered-stop-Olympic-Park-decrepit-overhead-cables-installed-1950s-cope-heat.html#ixzz21e1lNpXp

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