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Train companies respond to latest rail overcrowding figures

Responding to the latest rail crowding figures published by the Department for Transport, a spokesperson for the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) said:

“Faster trains and better services are attracting record numbers of people to the railways. But the flip side is overcrowding and we understand passengers’ frustration when they can’t get a seat.

“Train companies now run 20% more services a day than they did fifteen years ago and the rail industry last year set out plans to provide around 180,000 more seats when services are busiest.

“The Coalition Government has committed to invest in around 2,700 new carriages and has pledged to introduce more flexible franchises that will allow operators to respond better to overcrowding. Train companies will work with the Government to ensure additional carriages are delivered in a way that benefits passengers and provides taxpayers with value for money.”

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