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Rail workers stop oncoming train to save 3-year-old's stuffed bunny


Crisis averted! Rail workers stop oncoming train to save 3-year-old's stuffed bunny
By Laura Pullman
PUBLISHED: 17:57, 9 June 2012 | UPDATED: 18:00, 9 June 2012
Most parents dread the moment their young child loses their favourite toy -  the one that gets carted everywhere with them.

Luckily for one Boston mom this tantrum-inducing disaster was avoided thanks to kind-hearted transit workers who halted an oncoming train about to run over her 3-year-old girl’s beloved bunny.

On Wednesday, Casey Carey Brown and her daughter, Riley, were getting off a train at the Green Street stop in Boston’s Jamaica Plain district when the stuffed animal, named Nummy, fell out the stroller and onto the tracks.

 Beloved bunny: 3-year-old Riley Carey Brown was devastated to drop her favourite toy - Nummy - onto train tracks during Wednesday's rush hour. But Boston rail workers made sure the little girl was reunited with her bunny .

 Delighted: Riley's mother, Casey Carey Brown, thanked the workers who stopped an oncoming train and rescued the bunny saying they made her daughter 'incredibly happy'
The packed train saw the seriousness of the situation straight away, Carey Brown wrote on her blog, Life with Roozle.

Indeed angelic-looking Riley immediately broke down, according to the blog post.

‘My friend! Nummy! She fell on the tracks and now a train is going to run her over! She will be squished by the train!’, little Riley wailed.

Unable to calm her daughter down with promises of a new bunny Carey Brown ran to find help.

Luckily, workers for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority sympathised with the pair’s plight.
 Rescue effort: A station conductor at the Green Street stop in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood alerted the driver of the oncoming train about the 'dropped bunny' situation. The train ground to a halt as it entered the station and the bunny was pulled to safety
One worker quickly called the station dispatcher alerting him of the situation, then the operator of the oncoming train was called.

Despite it being rush hour the train ground to a halt as it entered the station allowing the platform conductor to rescue the stuffed toy.
Safely retrieved, Nummy was promptly reunited with its owner.

Carey Brown expressed her gratitude to the MBTA on her blog: ‘You really didn’t have to do what you did today, but you have made a little three year old incredibly happy. Thank you.’

The following day both mother and daughter met with the MBTA workers to thank them in person, reported New York's Daily News.
Watch video here - at original story link
: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2156884/Crisis-averted-Rail-workers-stop-oncoming-train-save-3-year-olds-stuffed-bunny.html#ixzz1xJqmg7A0

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