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Lessons to learn from HGV driver death at railway site


 7th March 2012 from : No: IGS 258 Network Rail - From Safety Centralth January a lorry driver from Tone Scaffolding was fatally injured while in the process ofApply the parking brakeStop the engine and remove the keysCode of Practice for the Coupling or Uncoupling and Parking of LargeAll contractors and sub-contractors involved in undertaking,

Infrastructure Group Safety Bulletin



On 15 January, a lorry arrived collecting scaffolding at Reading. It is currently understood that the lorry driver had arrived on site at approx 23:30hrs and that he had reversed his vehicle in order to auto couple his lorry to

the trailer. He then got out of the driving cab to prepare the trailer and as he released the trailer

parking brake, the vehicle began to run away. He subsequently ran after it and attempted to

gain access to the driving cab. As he did so the vehicle mounted the curb and he was crushed

between the wall of an adjacent building and the vehicle.

The vehicle continued to run away, going through a barrier and coming to rest when it collided

with a large skip placed in the access road. The lorry driver’s body was found at the point of





Although the investigation is ongoing it is understood that the collection area was situated on a

slight incline. When the driver exited the cab he did not engage the tractor unit parking brake.

This meant that when the trailer parking brake was released the vehicle was able to run away.

Action Required

Drivers of all goods vehicles are reminded that when they leave the driving cab they must:



Additional guidance is given in the Health and Safety Executive and the Institute of Road

Transport Engineers’

Goods Vehicles and Trailers.

supervising and managing such operations should be aware of the contents of this guidance:





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