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Alstom celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first high speed train in Spain



On 14th April 1992, an Alstom train carried out the first run on the high speed train line Madrid – Seville.

This week Alstom Spain celebrates the arrival of high speed to our country, an occasion for which the company played a special role. The first train to circulate at 300km/h on Spanish railway lines was the model known as series 100 and it was designed, manufactured and maintained by Alstom. Throughout the testing period, one of the trains reached 356.8 km/h, which was a clear milestone in high speed train history. Following this first train, a further 23 trains followed suite, the majority manufactured in Alstom´s industrial site in Barcelona.

Today, 20 years later, Alstom´s trains continue operating successfully on the Madrid-Seville line and are a reference in Spanish high speed travel for the highest safety and comfort levels and the outstanding punctuality records. As a fact, it continues being the train with the best punctuality records, currently at 99.8% according to the operator Renfe.

“Alstom Transport Spain has been a key player in the modernisation process of the Spanish railway industry and in the way which Spanish people understand railway travel. We were pioneers with the introduction of high speed, modern tramways in our cities, driverless metros, high speed regional trains, private-public partnerships for railway projects, etc.”, highlighted Antonio Moreno, Managing Director of Alstom Transport Spain.

As such, the arrival of high speed to our country caused a change in the way Spanish people perceived railway travel, considered up until then a slow and unpunctual means of transport. “We went from the concept of slow trains to high speed train technology”, confirms Moreno, “and since then we have achieved positioning Spanish high speed as a worldwide reference”. In fact, Alstom Spain´s facilities are a good example of this within our group, which ranges from the manufacturing of rolling stock (trains, tramways, metros, commuter trains, regional trains), to top of the range signalling systems, railway infrastructure and maintenance. Currently, 70% of Alstom Spain´s production is destined to export markets.



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