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Truck driver charged with endangering railpassengers at level Xing

from: http://news.stv.tv/scotland/tayside/303420-truck-driver-charged-with-endangering-rail-passengers-by-ignoring-level-crossing/

Truck driver charged with endangering rail passengers by ignoring level crossing
Ian Lamparter is accused of driving onto a railway line while train was coming and getting blocked by another vehicle.
.13 April 2012 15:24 GMT
Level Crossing: Truck driver accused of ignoring warnings. Pic: © STV

A truck driver has been charged with endangering train passengers by driving onto a level crossing while a train was approaching.

Ian Lamparter is accused of ignoring warning lights at a level crossing on Dundee's Dock Street and driven onto the tracks.

He was allegedly left straddling the line and unable to drive away when his truck became blocked by another vehicle.

Lamparter, from Land Street, Keith, Aberdeenshire, is accused of driving dangerously over the incident on November 3 last year.

The 30-year-old truck driver did not appear when his case called at Dundee Sheriff Court on Friday.

Sheriff Elizabeth Munro continued the case without plea until next month

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