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Tornado steams to Peterborough for Easter


Tornado steam train coming to Peterborough for Easter 
The Tornado coming through Peterborough train station in 2009. Photo: Ben Davis/Peterborough ET
Published on Tuesday 3 April 2012 10:00

The A1 Tornado steam train will arrive in Peterborough on Wednesday (4 April) to the excitement of rail enthusiasts ahead of an Easter appearance at Nene Valley Railway.

It has already sold out for the Cathedrals’ Express journey to Salisbury and back on Wednesday but it is then spending the Easter weekend at Nene Valley Railway.

Paul Roe, who has arranged the visit to Nene Valley Railway, will be the first to drive the engine when it returns to the city.

He said: “It is fantastic to have such a familiar and unique engine visit us. It will be a real crowd puller.

“It is the only one in existence. We’ve had lots of familiar names visit us but rarely do we have one which is unique.

“We are very excited to bring the Tornado here. I will be the first to get my hands on it and bring it into Wansford.

“We’re not sure how many people will be coming to see it but we’re hoping there will be thousands.”

The loco is a Peppercorn class A1 engine which was originally built in the 1940s but all of the engines were scrapped.

But in the 1990s a group of enthusiasts clubbed together to make it from scratch and, in 2008, it was finished.

Despite being a steam train it is the newest British-built engine on the mainline.

It will arrive in Peterborough at about 6am on Wednesday morning, before being held in a siding near Toys R Us.

It will be making its way to the historic city of Salisbury, in Wiltshire, on the Cathedrals’ Express tour run by Steam Dreams.

The company runs regular trips to cathedral towns and cities but usually from London.

But it is now branching out and running the trains from other stations with Peterborough one of the first to benefit.

Claire Newton, from Steam Dreams, said: “This is the first time we have done this route from Peterborough.

“We’ve been through a couple of times when going to York.

“Normally we do them from London but not everyone can get to the capital.

“We decided to do a few outside London and Peterborough is one of the first.

“We’re also fairly confident it is the first time ever that a direct train has gone from Peterborough to Salisbury.”

The 486 seats have been booked up for the journey, although enthusiasts can climb aboard for trip to London.

Sarah McGhie, spokeswoman for Peterborough Cathedral, said: “Linking Peterborough and Salisbury in a traditional heritage way like this is lovely.”

Anyone interested in riding the Tornado to London should visit www.steamdreams.com or call 01483 209888.

Big Tornado demand

THE Tornado will be at Nene Valley Railway throughout the Easter Weekend.

Tickets have already sold out for the driving experience event on Friday, as has the club car meal event on the Saturday.

But there are still seats available for breakfast on the Monday morning service and lunch later on the afternoon service.

But there are plenty of carriage spaces to ride behind the Tornado from any of the stations. For full details visit www.nvr.org.uk or call 01780 784444.


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