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Engineers deterred from Railway Careers due to requirement for early specialisation

Engineers deterred from railway careers due to requirements for early specialisation   from: http://www.engineerlive.com/Transport-Engineer/Rail/Engineers_deterred_from_railway_careers_due_to_requirements_for_early_specialisation__/24117/

The present training and development programme for railway engineers encourages specialisation too early, a feature which is likely to limit career paths and could be deterring new entrants, according to a survey of professional engineers from the industry.
This is the overwhelming view of Chartered Engineers and IMechE Associate member engineers revealed by a survey of the future demand for training and skills conducted in December last year by Lloyd’s Register and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).
“Young people are attracted to professions that do not appear to restrict choice and variety, so we need to demonstrate how a career in the railways offers a solid technical grounding with plenty of opportunities to follow specialist interests later as their experience develops," said John Stansfeld, Transportation Director, Lloyd's Register. "We must challenge the perception that engineers are 'locked in' to one discipline for life.”
The survey also found strong support for training and qualifications to move away from present internal, self-accredited standards towards a regime that would place more emphasis on giving new engineering recruits a broader, more systems-focused approach.
“We need to encourage more people to pursue railway engineering careers and the fact that people are forced to specialise so early could deter some of the best engineering talent," said Philippa Oldham, Head of Transport at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. “Government and industry need to work together to find ways to allow people to specialise later in their careers.”
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