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New Heathrow Express Uniform critisised for looking 'jaundiced'


New Heathrow Express uniform ‘should be shunted into sidings’    
Miranda Bryant 12 March 2012

Staff on the Heathrow Express are among the first Londoners many overseas visitors see after touching down.

However, critics say the service’s new uniform, to be introduced in July, may leave Olympics visitors questioning British style as they take the train to Paddington.

The outfits, which in business class come in shades of green, aim to convey a look that is “professional, refined, confident and full of energy”. But they have been slammed for making staff look “jaundiced”.

Part of a £16 million re-branding of the Heathrow Express before  this summer’s Games, the uniforms include two-tone skirt suits for women and trouser suits for men - both with waistcoats - and calf-length coats with asymmetrical buttoning.

Made using non-iron fabrics, they will be suitable in temperature variations of as much as 20C, according to the award-winning design company No Uniform. Designer Nicholas Oakwell said: “The operational requirements have been challenging but we are thrilled with the results.”

However, fashion PR expert Nick Ede, co-founder of EdenCancan agency, said: “They’ve obviously got their influence from the Wizard of Oz. It looks like ‘Welcome to the Emerald City’ rather than ‘Welcome to the Olympic city’. They’re extremely unflattering and the colour makes staff look ill, like they’ve got jaundice.”
from: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/transport/new-heathrow-express-uniform-should-be-shunted-into-sidings-7562284.html

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