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Can you help BTP find man who pushed woman onto Tube tracks?

A man who pushed a woman off the platform at a London Tube station is still wanted by police.



The potentially fatal incident happened at Leicester Square station, following an argument between the suspect and a 23-year-old woman.


She fell onto the tracks, before managing to climb back up onto the platform.


The man, aged around 40-years-old and with a European accent, fled the scene.


Police have now reissued a plea for help finding him.

“This was a dangerous and reckless act which could have had grave consequences had a Tube train been approaching,” said British Transport Police (BTP) Detective Sergeant Fin Egan.

“The victim suffered a nasty cut to her side as she landed on the rails, but was able to pull herself back up onto the platform.

“The platform was busy at that time on Friday night and I am appealing for anyone who recognises the man in the images or who witnessed the incident to get in contact.”

The incident took place on September 16 last year, at around 11.20pm.

The suspect is white, and wore a blue shirt, a black jacket and a black wide brimmed hat. He also wore orange/yellow tinted glasses.

Call BTP with information on 0800 40 50 40. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

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