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Greater role for operators over rolling stock would benefit passengers and taxpayers says ATOC

The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) has set out proposals for train companies to be given a bigger role in ordering and managing their rolling stock.

In a discussion paper, ATOC sets out how a more market-based approach could deliver better value for money in rolling stock, and serve the growing numbers of people using the railway with a modern, reliable fleet.

Michael Roberts, Chief Executive of ATOC said: “The government is clear that it wants to step back from the detailed involvement it currently has in the railway. An industry-led approach would get things done more quickly, bring down costs and ensure that the right trains get to the right parts of the country at the right time.

“We want to engage further with the rest of the industry to see how our proposals can be taken forward. With a number of major franchise relets, infrastructure improvements and rolling stock orders coming up in the years ahead, we believe that a new approach would benefit passengers and taxpayers.”

Read the full discussion paper here.

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