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US Rail Strke averted - agreement with 12 of 13 unions reached

Rail strike averted as agreement with 12 of 13 unions is reached
Freight railroads have reached tentative contract agreements with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen and the American Train Dispatchers Association. This, combined with the 60-day extension for labor talks with the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees, has averted a potential strike that could have started as early as Tuesday. "The goal of the nation's freight railroads, from the start of bargaining almost two years ago, has been to reach voluntary settlements with all of its rail unions,” said AAR CEO and President Edward Hamberger. National Carriers Conference Committee Chairman A. Kenneth Gradia said, "everyone wins when we reach voluntary agreements." Yahoo!/The Associated Press (12/2), Reuters (12/1), Bloomberg (12/2), The Miami Herald/McClatchy Newspapers (free registration) (12/1), RailwayAge.com (12/1)

from: www.aar.org


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