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'Chaos' as District Line tube works finish late between Wimbledon and Putney Bridge


'Chaos' as District Line tube works finish late between Wimbledon and Putney Bridge

The late finish of engineering work on the District Line has prompted complaints from users and non-users of London Underground.

The District Line is suspended between Wimbledon and Putney Bridge because engineering work, in which Network Rail staff are laying down new track for tube trains, has not yet finished.

The delay has caused the worst disruption to Wimbledon Park station, where Arthur Road and the surrounding area is heavily congested with traffic.

Because large vehicles used by the engineering team are restricting Arthur Road to a single lane of traffic, staff are having to direct traffic themselves as frustrated commuters are turned away from the station.

Bharat Chandarana, who runs Jay's News next to the station, said Arthur Road was "chaos this morning.

Mr Chandarana, who has manned the newsagent for the last 14 years, said: "This is definitely one of the worst I've seen. I've talked to the staff and they couldn't give me any idea when it will all be fixed. It's chaos.

"The service being suspended over the weekend is already damaging enough to my business, but this is too much. People are very angry and I've seen people arguing with staff."

Marina Stone, a recruitment consultant who lives in nearby Melrose Avenue, said she was not surprised the work would not be finished in time.

She said: "To be honest you just come to expect things like this because there always seem to be problems with the District Line.

"There's always something wrong with the service, whether it's delays or suspensions. For the last six months I've been going to Earlsfield station which is a further away but a lot more reliable."

Have you been affected? Leave a comment below, call 020 8722 6335 or email: ooakes@london.newsquest.co.uk.

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