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Network Rail hopes to electrify East Midlands rail route

Network Rail hopes to electrify East Midlands rail route

The electrification of the main rail route between London and the East Midlands could happen by the end of the decade, Network Rail has said.

It called the upgrade of the Midland Mainline a top priority and said it would bring cleaner and quicker trains.

Other plans include introducing longer trains of up to 11 carriages to deal with increased demand.

Direct trains from Derby, Nottingham and Leicester to Birmingham International could also be introduced.

'Absolutely committed'

The proposals were announced in a document released by Network Rail.

Russell Spink from Network Rail said it was up to the government to make the final decision on the electrification of the line, and when it might happen.

He added that there were other electrification projects ahead of the Midland Mainline.

Mr Spink said: "By putting it in our five-year plan we're showing we're absolutely committed to this scheme."

Currently, trains run on diesel on lines throughout the East Midlands

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