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Rail Operators Hit Back

Rail operators hit back From:http://www.thebusinesstravelmag.com/news2.htm

RAIL operators across the UK faced a backlash from passengers following the news that train fares will rise by an average eight per cent in January 2012.

Train companies can raise fares by an additional three per cent on top of the Retail Price Index (RPI), which stands at five per cent, while some operators are entitled to add a further five per cent on certain routes, meaning an overall 13 per cent price rise on some journeys in the new year.

The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) has responded by claiming the changes will produce long-term gains for rail passengers.

David Mapp, commercial director of ATOC, says, “The government has decided that many fares need to rise above inflation for the next three years to help pay for more trains, better stations and faster services. Increasing the money raised from fares will mean that taxpayers contribute less to the running of the railways, while ensuring that vital investment can continue.”

Mapp continues, “The rail industry is working with the government to cut the cost of running the railways. A more efficient railway will help to limit fare rises in the future, and offer better long-term value for money.”

ATOC claims train fares are cheaper now than 15 years ago when inflation is factored in, with the average price for a single journey on a season ticket in 1995/6 costing £3.04, compared to £2.77 now. An eight per cent rise on a season ticket in 2012 will see the average commuter pay £3.18 more per week.

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