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AMtrak to get $745M from DOT for Northeast Corridor upgrades

Amtrak to get $745M from DOT for Northeast Corridor upgrades
Amtrak's Northeast Corridor will get $745 million in grants from the Department of Transportation. Most of the money will be used for upgrades between Trenton, N.J., and New York City, which will allow high-speed trains to travel faster along a 24-mile segment. The remaining funds will be used to build a flyover to alleviate congestion at Harold Interlocking rail junction in Queens, New York. The grants call for using U.S.-made equipment, which strengthens the economy by "creating new construction jobs, ordering American-made supplies and improving transportation opportunities across a region where 50 million Americans live and work," according to DOT Secretary Ray LaHood. The Journal of Commerce (8/22), The Washington Post/The Associated Press (8/22), Bloomberg (8/22)

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