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RMT Press Relaease - Fight for Justice for Jarvis workers


Fight for justice for Jarvis workers goes on, says RMT

Publication Date: August 23 2011

THE FIGHT for justice for 1,200 Jarvis workers will go on, Britain’s biggest rail union says today in the wake of yesterday’s industrial tribunal which determined that they should have received 90 days’ notice of redundancy.



The award – which will cost the taxpayer £3 million – covers only statutory redundancy notice, is capped at around £400 a week and comes nowhere near compensating for the millions still owed in back pay when Jarvis went bust more than a year ago, says RMT.


The union will press on with its campaign to win back jobs for Jarvis staff who should have been transferred to Network Rail or other contractors under transfer of undertakings rules (TUPE), as well as back-pay and pensions contributions.


RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today:


“This ruling is the tip of the iceberg, because millions more are owed in back pay and pensions contributions, but the reality is that these skilled workers should never have been made redundant in the first place.


“It is a disgrace that taxpayers will have to pay the £3 million awarded by the tribunal, when Jarvis bosses walked away scot free and Network Rail still has £19 million it owed to Jarvis for work done.


“It is less than fair that those Jarvis workers who were unable to find work will have the benefits they received deducted from their award, when the managers who walked straight into jobs will have nothing deducted – it means that those who need it most will get least.


“The work our members were doing still needs to be done, and real justice will come when they are offered the jobs they should have been transferred into when Jarvis collapsed

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