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Tramlink to aid regeneration of Croydon

Contract signed for six new trams. Free travel this weekend.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has confirmed that contracts have now been signed for the supply of six new trams for London Tramlink that will boost services on the network in Croydon from early next year.

Local people are also being reminded that there will be free travel on the trams this weekend, which it is hoped will encourage shoppers to head into the town centre and support their local businesses.

The arrival of the new trams will help contribute to the regeneration of Croydon following the recent disturbances.

When they begin running more frequent services will run on the busiest parts of the network between Therapia Lane, central Croydon and Elmers End.

That will boost capacity and ease crowding during peak times.

This weekend Oyster pay as you go and cash fare travel on the tram network will be free to encourage passengers to visit their local businesses and support the community following events last week.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: 'I was deeply moved by my visits to Croydon last week.

'And I was greatly heartened by the determination of local people not to let the mindless behaviour of a few members of our society leave a permanent mark on this community.

'Our Tramlink team did a great job of restoring tram services to the town centre so rapidly following the disturbances.

'And we hope the signing of contracts for the six new trams will provide a real boost to services when they begin running early next year.

'But in the mean time I urge everyone to take advantage of the free travel on the trams this weekend and head into Croydon town centre.

'The message is clear.

'It's business as usual.'

New trams for Croydon

Transport for London's Managing Director of London Underground and Rail, Mike Brown, said: 'TfL and London Tramlink are part of the Croydon community and as such we want to support our fellow citizens and the local economy in the most effective ways we can.

'These new trams will have a significant impact on meeting the rising demand for tram services and reducing congestion where the demand is highest while the free travel will encourage passengers to travel into the business district to support their local businesses.'

The London Borough of Croydon has confirmed a £3m contribution in funding to the purchase of the new trams.

Croydon Council Leader Mike Fisher said: 'The announcement of the supplier of new trams for Croydon is great news.

'Perception is important - and the perception today is that things are really beginning to move again in Croydon; and by spending heavily on extra trams we're backing what we're saying with hard cash.

'The tram network has proved to be a huge hit with the many thousands who use it on a daily basis.

'It's fair to say that, at peak times during the day, the network has become a victim of its success.

'These new trams will ease that burden, providing an even better service for the network's customers and help ensure its continued success into the future.'

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