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Workplace transport Statistics


Workplace transport statistics

Provisional statistics for 2009/10p

Please follow the link below for the most recent analysis of injuries relating to workplace transport



In 2009/10p 41 workers suffered a fatal injury involving workplace transport1 . This can be compared with 38 involving falls, although there is some overlap between the two groups, falls from vehicles are included in both.

Workplace transport accounts for about 4% of all reported injuries. However, this is heavily weighted towards the more serious injuries as 10% of all fatalities (26% to employees) involve workplace transport, but 3.5% (3.6% to employees) of reported over-3-day and 6% (6% to employees) of non-fatal major injuries. It also accounts for just over 1% of reported injuries to members of the public. (Averaged between 2001/02 and 2009/10p).     The detailed report, charts etc. are available at the link above.


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