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New Video Warns Of Railway Track Dangers

Sky News reports that the dangers of playing near railway tracks are being highlighted in a new video.


Injury suffered on a railway track

Burns suffered by someone playing on the rails


The video, which has been produced by Network Rail, contains photos of the severe burn injuries people have suffered after walking onto the railway.

The company have placed the clip on YouTube in the hope it will deter youngsters from risking their health near train tracks.

It follows a survey by Network Rail which revealed that two thirds of parents had not spoken to their children about rail safety.

One of those featured in the video is Nathan Wood. He suffered a massive electric shock from overhead wires when he was 12 years old.

He had been playing a game which involved throwing a piece of electrical wire over the side of a bridge when he was injured, suffering severe burns.

Nathan's accident was 13 years ago but he says that it still affects him now: "When the ambulance took me to hospital, I was screaming with the pain as they had to cut off my clothes which had stuck to me. It was like hell and I thought my life was over.

"I'm still suffering now, the cold really affects me and I get a lot of pain in my foot and can't wear regular lace-up trainers."

One of Network Rail's electrical engineers also appears in the video to explain how much power travels through the tracks, alongside a skin biologist who explains the impact of the injuries.

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