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London Underground guide to avoiding Tube station stairs


London Underground guide to avoiding Tube station stairs

Sunday, July 10, 2011
3:10 PM


A new London Underground guide has been released showing how to avoid stations with stairs.


A new map has been put online to help older people, passengers with heavy luggage, parents with pushchairs, people with physical disabilities who do not use wheelchairs and anyone else who has difficulty with stairs but can use escalators.

It highlights stations where platforms can be reached or trains changed via escalators, lifts or ramps, or where platforms are at street level.

Transport for London is increasing the number of Tube stations which are ‘step free’.

The total will stand at 65 when lifts are installed at Green Park, Blackfriars and Farringdon before the 2012 Olympics.

Wayne Trevor, London Underground’s accessibility and inclusion manager, said: “We know that many people have difficulties in walking up and down long flights of stairs, but can manage escalators and have produced the Avoiding Stairs Tube Guide to reflect these needs.

“These are very different to the difficulties faced by wheelchair users and so we wanted to provide a map that more accurately reflected these needs.”

At www.tfl.gov.uk/accessguides there is also an audio Tube map, Tube toilet map, large print Tube map and the step-free Tube map.

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