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Crossrail drivers sent to school to save cyclists


Crossrail drivers sent to school to save cyclists

Grant Prior | Wed 6th July | 7:00 From: http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2011/07/06/crossrail-drivers-sent-to-school-to-save-cyclists/


More than 1,000 Crossrail delivery drivers have completed road safety courses in a bid to save the lives of cyclists across London.

Construction of the new line will involve thousands of lorry journeys as spoil is removed from sites.

And cycling organisations feared the project could cause carnage on the roads as the number of cyclists continues to rise across the capital.

Drivers have now completed a training course aimed at ensuring they drive carefully when close to cyclists or other vulnerable road users.

Crossrail is also working alongside contractors to fit all heavy goods vehicles with Fresnel lenses and scanning equipment that can recognise if a vehicle is present at the side of the larger motor in order to overcome blind spots.

Cynthia Barlow, Chair of RoadPeace, said: “We welcome the work of the Crossrail project in ensuring that drivers and their companies are provided with the training and information they need to operate with vulnerable road users in mind and establish a comprehensive safety culture throughout the project.”

Last month the Freight Transport Association unveiled a new code of conduct for commercial vehicle operators aimed at improving cyclists’ safety.

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