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London Overground trains were the most punctual in the country in April

London Overground trains were the most punctual in the country in April, according to monthly performance figures released by Network Rail.

The data for Britain’s train services covers the period from 1 to 30 April. Nationwide, punctuality on the railways reached 92.9% during April making it one of the best months on record, although slightly down on last year’s 94.0%.

London Overground passengers saw 96.3% of trains arrive at their destination on time throughout April, with almost 19 out of 20 (94.9%) trains arriving on time over the last twelve months – the highest annual figure for any train operator in the country.

The news comes as work on a £326m upgrade of the London Overground network nears completion. The project, funded by TfL, Network Rail, the Olympic Delivery Authority and Stratford City Implementation Group, will result in a much-needed improvement for passengers when a turn up and go metro timetable is introduced later this month.

Andrew Munden, Network Rail route director, said: "The London Overground network is a perfect example of how investment in rail can boost services for passengers and help support economic growth. The partnership we have in place is delivering results for London and we will continue working together to deliver a high performing and reliable railway in the capital, every day."

Howard Smith, chief operating officer for TfL London Rail, said: "Delivering a reliable service for passengers is a top priority for London Overground. With hard work and investment we have transformed a run down and unreliable service into a top performing railway, setting standards for travel in the UK. We know our customers appreciate the improvements as we have just achieved our best ever results in TfL's quarterly surveys of Customer Satisfaction."


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