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17 year old sets fire to station when train cancelled


Teenager set fire to Gloucester railway station after train cancelled

AFTER his late-night train was cancelled, drunken Jordan Clews set fire to the ticket office at Gloucester train station and caused £322,000 of damage.

This was the scene left behind after Clews, a 17-year-old, of Gloucester Road, Cheltenham, drunkenly torched the site.

The teenager admitted arson when he appeared at Gloucester Crown Court yesterday.

He was given a two-year detention and training order, and Judge Jamie Tabor lifted an order set to protect the identity of minors, as it was in the public interest to release his name.

Prosecuting, Lisa Hennessy said Clews had gone to Gloucester railway station in the early hours of December 31, 2010 to get a train to Cheltenham.

The train, due at 12.40am, was cancelled and he was told it would be replaced by a bus at 1.40am. He sat in the booking hall, but, when staff saw him get out tobacco, they told him he could not smoke inside the station and he went out.

A few minutes later, the fire alarm went off and staff found that the offices upstairs were filling with smoke.

"The booking hall was ablaze and also filling with black smoke, and the cashiers windows were a wall of flame," Mrs Hennessy said. "Clews was outside, transfixed by the fire as if he was in a trance."

It looked as though someone had pushed burning paper through the pay slots.

CCTV showed Clews going backwards and forwards across the booking hall before the fire. He was arrested as his hands were blackened.

Clews asked for two other offences, of theft and grievous bodily harm, to be taken into consideration. The court heard he had taken money from an alcoholic in the street, then punched him as he lay on the ground.

Tim Burrows, defending, said Clews had not set out to cause arson, and did not remember what happened.

He said: "He was drunk and that is a common factor in all his offending."

From:  http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/crime/late-night-train-cancelled-drunken-Jordan-Clews-set-ticket-office-Gloucester-train-station/article-3428553-detail/article.html

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