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RMT condemns government "hatchet-job" on health and safety

RMT claims that today’s announcement that HSE inspections will be cut by a third is part of an assault on workplace health and safety for which Lord ‘you’ve never had it so good’ Young laid the way with his hatchet-job report late last year.


The union added that the designation of ‘low risk’ workplaces includes those where some of the most common causes of injury, including repetitive strain and soft-tissue injuries, stress and slips, trips and falls blight working lives.


RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:


“When ConDem ministers talk about easing regulation what they mean is removing it, and when it comes to health and safety that is a charter for death and injury.


“There are already far too few workplace inspections and it is already next to impossible to get bosses whose negligence causes injury, death or disease at work to face legal consequences.


“Lord Young’s review last year sought to soften up public opinion with myths about ‘compensation culture’ and ‘health and safety gone mad’, but the reality is that hundreds of thousands of workers’ lives are blighted every year by preventable injury and disease.


“The message that the government is sending with these cuts is that nothing, even the lives and health of working people, should stand in the way of profit, and these plans are part of the government’s general attack on working people.


“Transport workers are only too well aware of the need for more robust regulation, not less.


“Today’s announcement is not a strategy for health and safety but a charter for bosses to ignore what little protection there is, and RMT will continue to campaign in every way it can for better workplace protection.”

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