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RMT calls for support for lobby of Parliament to defend Health and Safety enforcement

RMT today called for full support for a lobby of Parliament - called for this Wednesday (2nd March) by the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group - in defence of health and safety enforcement in the teeth of a "co-ordinated assault by the ConDem Government and right-wing commentators."

The TUCG lobby is calling for a halt to cuts at the Health and Safety Executive - the organisation that inspects and enforces minimum standards of safety.

The events on Weds 2nd March start with a demonstration at 12.30pm at Old Palace Yard opposite the House of Lords and there will be a rolling lobby of MP’s from 1.30pm onwards and a rally at 2pm in Committee Room 14 at the House of Commons.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“Those commentators and politicians who try to trivialise and denigrate Health and Safety enforcement would be the first to run to their lawyers and the press if it was one of their relatives killed in a preventable accident at work or on public transport.

“I will tell you what happens when corners are cut on safety regulations - you end up with the carnage of Potters Bar and Hatfield and our trade union will fight tooth and nail to stop our industry from being dragged back to that cavalier approach to maintaining safe standards.

“In the services where RMT organises - transport, shipping and out on the oil rigs - safety is the watchword and if people like Jeremy Clarkson think it’s a big joke they should have the guts to meet the families of those who have lost their lives because some employer decided health and safety was a soft touch for cuts.

“No one should be under any illusions - the ConDem cuts will kill and we will be ramming that message home when we meet the MP’s on Wednesday.”


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