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Court hears evidence of 'sword weilding' youth at Victoria Station last March


Youth 'sparked panic with sword 

Published on Wed Feb 23 09:40:45 GMT 2011 http://www.derbyshiretimes.co.uk/news/youth_sparked_panic_with_sword_1_3105149


A sword-wielding youth sparked panic as he charged across a London railway station concourse moments before a 15-year-old boy was killed, a court has heard.


Commuter Warren Kelly told of his fear when the male openly brandished the weapon as he led a group sprinting towards another youth who had been shouting.

Mr Kelly said: "I felt a general sense of panic in the area and saw members of the public jumping back and walking away from the immediate area."

He later saw GCSE student Sofyen Belamouadden being treated after he was fatally injured at Victoria station during rush hour last March.

Mr Kelly's evidence was read to Old Bailey jurors trying seven teenagers accused of Sofyen's murder.

It is alleged the victim was stabbed, punched, and kicked in an attack that was the result of tensions between pupils from two west London schools.

In his evidence, Mr Kelly described how he had seen a youth shouting at a group across the station concourse, with his right hand held in the air.

He said he then heard a high-pitched female scream of panic and then "a large group of 10 to 15 males running towards the shouting male - it seemed as fast as they could".

"I can only describe the male at the front - they were all sprinting," Mr Kelly said in his statement. "In his right hand he was holding either a very large knife or a sword."

Samuel Roberts, of Camberwell, Obi Nwokeh, of Bermondsey, Enoch Amoah, of Camberwell, and Junior Bayode, of Streatham, all aged 18, each deny murder. Three 17-year-old youths have also pleaded not guilty to the charge. The trial was adjourned until Wednesday.

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