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Train passengers checked for knives as they leave station


From: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/barnsley/train_passengers_checked_for_knives_as_they_leave_station_1_3103070

Train passengers checked for knives as they leave station


The British Transport Police check passengers for knives at Doncaster Railway Station in an operation which also involved a sniffer dog searching for drugs.

ONLY one person was caught with a knife during a special police operation at Doncaster railway station.


Hand-held scanners and mobile walk-though metal detectors, similar to those at airports, were utilised as part of the British Transport Police effort to eradicate and deter knife carrying, drugs and anti-social behaviour on the railways.

A total of 143 people went through the arch and one person was detected carrying a sharp blade.

A police drug detection dog was also used and three people were caught in possession. Another was arrested for a public order offence.

Insp Graham Bridges said: “Anyone thinking of travelling with weapons on the railway should be aware we will continue to mount these operations regularly at stations throughout South Yorkshire.

“Our aim is to make the railway environment safer and free from disruption and fear of crime and intimidation.

“This initiative served as a tool to achieve that.”

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