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Network Rail release CCTV of risks at level crossings


Network Rail release CCTV of level crossing near-misses

Network Rail (NR) have released CCTV images of pedestrians and motorists putting their lives at risk on Britain's level crossings.

Click on this link to see the Video News report and cctv footage of many crossing near miss incidents.

The number of motorists involved in near-misses with trains at level crossings increased by 15% in 2010.

According to NR there were 161 near-misses between trains and road vehicles last year compared with 140 in 2009.

NR also said there were 297 near-misses between pedestrians and trains in 2010.

Robin Gisby, NR's director of operations and customer services, said: "Too many motorists continue to break the law by jumping the lights or swerving around barriers at level crossings. Hundreds of pedestrians are also risking their lives just trying to save a few seconds – it's just not worth it.

"While deaths and injuries are thankfully few, these actions by those who are either impatient or ignorant of the law cause great cost, delay and disruption to both rail and road passengers across Britain."

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