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FCC passengers angry about trains without toilets



Rail passengers who have forked out upto £3,500 for a season ticket have struggled to spend a penny on some trains for over a week because the toilets were broken.

This picture, taken by a disgruntled commuter from Clapham, shows an out-of-order sticker on one of First Capital Connect’s Thameslink trains that run from Bedford to London.

Furious passengers say they haven’t been able to use toilet facilities on an almost daily basis - adding misery to the recent massive increase in their rail fares.

One commuter said: “Toilets are a basic amenity for long-distance travel, the repair time for this is sub-standard. Alot of people are unhappy with the situation.

“FCC are quick to justify the eight per cent increase they slapped on Bedford station parking this year by pointing out ‘car parks are safer cleaner and brighter’ and with the ticket increases, too, it’s a disgrace that for my £3,500 I can’t even use the loo.” A spokesman for FCC said: “The recent freezing weather cracked some of the pipes and water tanks that supply the toilets on a number of our trains.

“These are in places that are difficult to access, such as the roof, and each train unit has to be taken out of service for up to a day for repairs.

“We have been fixing these as fast as we can in a way that does not affect our service and we can only apologise to our customers.”

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