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Model railway Rod invests in computer control

Rod Stewart’s model rail obsession is so out of hand that he needs computer experts to help him work his huge train set reports the Express.

The millionaire singer has just invested another £20,000 in track, rolling stock and buildings for a layout housed in the attic of his Beverly Hills home.

He said: “I have to be honest and confess that even I can’t work it because it is now so complicated.

“It is not like it used to be when you had one control box with knobs on it. The whole system is fully computerised".

The 65-year-old enthusiast is so proud of the latest addition to the impressive 1:87 scale model of New York’s Grand Central Station in the 1940s, that he has allowed it to be featured on the cover of the Christmas edition of Model Railroader Magazine. The husky-voiced singer, whose third wife Penny is expecting his eighth child, has added to the existing 100ft of track, scores of period locomotives and carriages with a backdrop of skyscrapers, streets, railway buildings and hundreds of tiny passengers.

He said: “There’s steam coming out and the noise of the brakes, whistles and everything.

“I just love the building of it, but I can no longer operate it. We have now got a little society of friends who come and work on it. It’s lovely.”

The singer has spent 12 years making his special railway and has dedicated thousands of hours to putting it together.
He said he was proud to be on the US magazine’s front cover and added: “It’s a great honour because the magazine is the bible for all model railroaders.”

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