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DSB wins new train contract in Sweden

DSB Sweden has won the tender for regional train services Upptåget in the Uppsala area just north of Stockholm. This has just been announced by the tendering authority Upplands Lokaltrafik in Uppsala.
The decision comes just two months before DSB will start operation for Västtrafik in Gothenburg and Krösatåg in the Jönköping area, which DSB won in August and December last year.
Furthermore, DSB operates the Roslagsbanen in Stockholm since 2003 and the Oresund services in Southern Sweden since January 2009.
SJ is the current operator of the regional services Upptåget. DSB Sweden won the bid in competition with Deutsche Bahn, Tågkompaniet AB and Veolia.
This decision makes it the fifth time that DSB can celebrate a victory in Sweden and more than every fourth customer is now Swedish.
"Sweden is already our second home market and with the takeover of the Upptåget operation, DSB will now be expanding its position in Sweden. In future, DSB will operate Tåg i Väst at Gothenburg, the Swedish part of the Oresund services, Roslagsbanen in Stockholm, Krösatåg at Jönköping and Upptåget north of Stockholm. We are very pleased with the decision and look forward to offering our customers the best possible service,« said DSB’s CEO Søren Eriksen and he continued:
»I am very pleased and proud on behalf of our employees, who have made a very strong contribution to this success. We have an incredibly strong team of very competent employees, who once again have proved that they are capable of making an extra effort to put together the best bid«.
»DSB won the bid because we we able to offer the most advantageous price and profit from synergies with DSB's current activities,« said Søren Eriksen.
With this victory DSB's total track network in Sweden exceeds 2,5000 km, which is approximately 800 km more than the total Danish network. Upptåget covers the line from Gävle to Upplands Väsby (in 2013 only to Uppsala).
The victory means that DSB will be operating more than 26 million train km in Sweden – or more traffic than DSB is currently operating in the entire Danish regional train system. With the victory in Uppsala DSB will be servicing more than 63 million passengers a year abroad from 2011.
The tender represents an important transport system in the Uppsala area. In 2009 approximately 4 million customers used the traffic system, and it has an annual production of 3.1 million train km.
DSB has established the company DSB Uppland AB, which will be operating the services in the Uppsala area.
The total turnover is approximately SEK 80 million a year. Start of operations will be on 12 June 2011.


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